Having worked across a variety of fields, here are some questions we have addressed in the past.

Are you certified to work in controlled airspace?

Yes, we are qualified to work in controlled airspace. This requires the acquisition of a Special Flight Operation Certificate. Please allow for 90 days minumum if your job requires such operations.

What type of RPAS do you use?

We are experienced with three main types of RPAS; Multi rotor, fixed wing and VTOL. Parameters of the mission and desired data will dictate which unit we use. We are available to discuss other RPAS unit types and have access to a variety of systems.

What types of payloads do you use?

We have in our arsenal of payloads specific for mapping, multi spectral imaging and thermal imaging. For cinematography work we have access to specific units for this work, prior discussion is required to understand the clients needs and parameters.

How long until I see my data report?

We strive to provide high quality reporting and insights of your data. A typical mission (100 hectares), single flight will take up to two weeks to process, analyze and provide a detailed report.

Is my data private?

We will not share, advertise or present any data collected for our clients unless discussed and consented to. We believe privacy and security of your data is of the utmost importance. If extra measures are required dont hesitate to inform us.

Will you be discussing our work through social media?

We will not discuss or disclose any information regarding our clients work through social media unless previously discussed and consented to. Any stipulations requested from our clients will be strictly followed.

Are you available for travel and remote work?

Our team thrives on field work. We have spent long periods of time on sites across the globe over our careers. If you are looking for a qualified and motivated field team, Aeria is the group for you.

Will you help with grant applications and sourcing funding for research/development based projects?

Our team is experienced with a track record of successful grant applications. Please contact us with your ideas, we are happy to help in any way we can provided we are involved.