We offer a wide variety of services in aerial mapping and data analysis.


Aerial data collection
Data processing & analysis
Research & development

Aerial data collection

We are specialised in obtaining high quality aerial data, starting from mission planning to managing very large data sets.

∙ RPAS Mission planning
∙ Regulatory frameworks
∙ Safety protocols
∙ Sensor selection
∙ Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)

Data processing & analysis

We strive to provide accurate and detailed data products.

∙ Photogrammetry
∙ 3D modeling and measurements
∙ Data management and GIS
∙ Geospatial analysis
∙ Land classification and vegetation health
∙ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
∙ Pattern recognition
∙ Biodiversity assessment
∙ Wildlife detection

Research & development

We collaborate with academic and industrial researchers to scale up data collection, utilise  the latest research insights, and work on novel questions:

∙ Machine Learning (CNN) for detection and counting of wildlife
∙ Machine Learning for segmentation of landscape features
∙ Integration of high resolution DSM with hydrodynamical models


We offer customized training. Material such as RPAS flight, research methodology, geospatial data management and data analysis.

∙ Flight operations & mission planning
∙ Practical flight skills
. RPAS technology, sensors, positioning
. Photogrammetry
∙ Environmental monitoring
∙ Wildlife detection
∙ Vegetation mapping
∙ Statistical analysis